Put Social Media to Work in Your Emergency Response!

Social media can be your most powerful tool.

You need to know what’s happening in your community right now. Chances are it’s on social media.  Currant’s SocialSolve feature puts the power of social in the hands of responders and VOST teams.  Identify issues in the field with SocialSolve’s customizable searches of social networking sites like Twitter.   Did you know that over 20 million tweets using the hashtag #sandy were sent during Hurricane Sandy?  Get instantaneous access to data, including photos and videos, and get help quickly to those who need it most.

Currant’s reliability engine verifies all data, ensuring the efficient delivery of accurate information to your desktop or mobile device.

Data in One Place

Our SocialSolve tool searches social sites for the data you need, and then automatically creates an issue in CurrantGRID to which your team members can respond, no matter where they are.

Accurate and Reliable

There’s a lot of information out there. SocialSolve’s automated algorithms work in concert with human assessments to ensure that you only receive real and verified data.

Real-Time Eyes and Ears

Better assess the situation through use of photos and videos posted by those on scene.

Easy integration of VOST

Your VOST works hard to identify issues.  Give them a state-of-the-art tool to help bring those issues into your organized response effort.