CurrantGRID™  is a cost-effective, all-hands incident management system that connects the dots between municipalities, utilities, responders, agencies, and community and improves day-to-day communication and emergency response. Our system features Google Maps integration, social media searching, and provides remote situational awareness.

Incident Management

Respond quickly and efficiently with our all-hands incident management system


Create workflows to assess the response effort at any step

Team Management

Create and manage teams to get the experts where they are needed most

Skills Management

Know your teams and the skills sets available for any response effort

Social Media Reporting

Harness the power of social media for unprecedented on the ground information and situational awareness

Assessment Tools

Assess the situation without being on scene with our various tools

Google Maps Integration

Google maps integration provides geo-locational data for immediate location of incidents

Tracking and Reports

Monitor the performance and efficiency of your response efforts through our easy-to-use reporting feature