People doing great things.

Led by Desiree Mantel-Anderson and her team of forward-thinking innovators across the globe, the Field Innovation Team (FIT) is on the leading edge of disaster response design.

dog rescue, syrian refugee crisis, disaster response.

Dogs can be trained to drop critical supplies to those awaiting rescue.

Currant’s CEO recently participated in the FIT Bootcamp 4, held in Midway, Utah. The Bootcamp was an exciting time of networking, learning, creating, and innovating around the Syrian refugee crisis, the main topic of the event, and FIT’s next deployment.

For three days, Currant participated in the FIT’s 3-step process for innovation, discussing the challenges presented by the refugee crisis, from the concerns of the aid workers to the immediate needs of the refugees. Click here for a video for a more detailed explanation of this trying time.

In between design sessions, the True Color Theory was presented to the participants, which gave an in-depth strategy for cultural awareness and how to better understand different points of view.

syrian refugee crisis, disaster response

The Escape Games Experience!

Also included was a fantastic presentation on rescue dogs trained to drop packages of first aid, water, and other critical supplies to those who may be trapped. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the rescue dog!  Next, we all donned hard hats and participated in Escape Games, which forced us to get creative and solve the puzzle of the golden bars!

So much was created during FIT Bootcamp 4; innovative thinking, great friendships, and the hope that we can all make a difference in the world’s problems by contributing our unique ideas.