You probably already have an emergency kit at home, but stop to think – what would you do if you were trapped at work?

emergency preparedness at work

You can’t guarantee that you’ll be home and with your family when disaster strikes. It’s a good idea to take some time now to prepare, in case you need to ride out the next storm in your office.


Consider making an emergency kit for work. Some items to include:


Water. Stick a bottle or two of water in your drawer. If emergency strikes, you might not know when you next will have access to clean water.

Food. Not only is desk-drawer food important for those mid-day snack emergencies, they will be important if you are forced to stay at work until a situation clears up, or you get rescued. Protein or granola bars are a good choice. Try to avoid foods that will make you thirsty.

Flashlight and extra batteries. Prepare for the lights to be out. Flashlights will obviously provide needed light, but they can also help rescuers locate you in the dark. Consider a solar-powered light that doesn’t need batteries, such as a LuciLight (

Battery-powered radio and extra batteries. You will want to know what is going on if the (Gasp!) internet is down.

First Aid kit. You gotta have a kit anyway, for those times when your boss gives you a headache. Don’t forget to restock yearly.

Whistle. You might get trapped and need help. The whistle will signal where you are and that you need rescue.

Dust or filter masks. They’re ugly, but they’ll protect you if you need to walk through a dangerous environment.

Moist towelettes. The water may not be safe in your building.

Contact cards. Establish with your family where you’ll meet up if you’re not together when disaster strikes. Make sure that information is with you.

Transportation information. Your train or bus might not be running, or it may run a different route. Plan an alternate route and know how to contact transportation companies.

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Your kit can be a backpack, tote bag, box, or anything you can store easily and transport easily. Keep it in a drawer, closet, or under your desk. Then remember where you put it and hope you will never need it!